Our System

The Strategy Behind the System

Our Roofing Marketing System is the only of its kind to encompass our 4 Pillar Marketing Strategy into one efficient marketing campaign for your roofing business. This is our method for Dominating Your Competition Online.

1. Website 


  • Phone Number & CTA in Top Menu
  • Clear CTA Front and Center
  • Lead Magnet Form Field
  • 24/7 Live Chat


  • Keywords in page titles & content
  • Exact match NAP in footer
  • Site built on WordPress framework
  • Local Schema


  • Clear USP and Testimonials
  • Easy to Find Navigation
  • Trust Icons to Position Authority
  • Clear Map to Show Locality
  • Social Proof Icons


  • Google Tag Manager/Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Installed
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Remarketing Tag


  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • One Touch Click to Call Button
  • No Scroll CTA
  • Page Loads in 3 Seconds or Less

2. Local SEO / GMB Optimization 

Local SEO Strategy

  • Optimized Website Page Structure for easy navigation
  • In Depth Keyword Research Completed
  • Page Content Specifically Written for Each and Every Service Offered
  • Relevant Blog Content that Adds Value for both the User and the Search Engines
  • Optimized Title tags, headers, keywords in content, image alt tags, and internal link strategies
  • Insightful UX Experience
  • Reverse engineer top competitors on-site and off-page SEO strategies - Use this information to one up them and move ahead of them in Google's search rankings

GMB Optimization

  • Ensure that Your NAP is Consistent
  • Include a Local Phone Number
  • Choose a Precise Category and Service Area
  • Include as Much Information as Possible - And Keep it Up To Date
  • Include Quality Images
  • Google Posts w/ CTAs
  • Solicit Reviews with Reputation Management Software
  • Manage and Respond to Customer Reviews

3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

AdWords/Bing Optimization

  • Define Target Audience
  • Choose Correct Keyword Sets
  • Ad Extensions In Use (Especially Local GMB Extension)
  • Testing Two or More Ads Per Ad Group
  • Negative Keyword List Consistently being Added to
  • Individual Bids Used for Keywords Not Ad Groups
  • Adjust Campaign Bids by Device
  • All Conversions Being Tracked
  • Constantly being monitored for High converting and low converting keywords

Landing Page Optimization

  • Special Offer Used in Headline to Reel Customers In
  • CTA & Phone Number in Top Menu
  • No External Links - Keep Visitors On this Page (Make them call or submit form)
  • Page Copy Congruent to Ad Copy - Main Ad Keywords on Page
  • Trust Icons to Position Authority
  • Selling Points High Up on Page
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Mobile Optimized - Easy for Customers to Tap to Call upon landing on page
  • Loads in Under 3 seconds

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

4. Retargeting

Landing Page Optimization

  • Segment Audience to Create Ads based on Which Pages they Visited on Your Website
  • Conversion Pixel Installed to Stop Advertising to People who Have Converted
  • Limit Frequency You Show Ad to Avoid Annoying Your Customers
  • Keep your Ads Fresh and Exciting to Encourage Clicks, Keep Rotating Special Offers that Are Unique
  • Send All Ad Traffic to Dedicated Landing Pages, not Your Homepage of your website

Mobile Version

Mobile Version