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173: How to Develop a Culture That Retains and Attracts Top Talent with Sal and Kayla

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About this Episode

Sal and Kayla are Maryland natives. Sal, the President, founded MARS Restoration with the aim of making a positive impact on employees’ lives. Kayla has a passion for sales, and during COVID, someone referred her to home improvement sales. Later, she had a friend working at MARS who told her wonderful things about what Sal does for the company and its employees. She thought, ‘Wait, sign me up!’ Kayla was promoted from Canvas Manager to Marketing Director in January. MARS Restoration sets itself apart from others because they take the storm restoration business to another level with face-to-face lead generation. After a storm, they are there to assist homeowners in their time of need and educate them about their property and the available options.

On this episode, we talk about how to develop a culture that retains and attracts top talent. 


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