Roofing Success Podcast: Episode 2

Adam Bensman: Maximizing The Long Term Value Of A Customer

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About this Episode

From working his way up to become the C.O.O. of a multi-state $8MM/yr restoration company. To coaching and consulting for $5MM - $13MM/yr roofing and restoration companies to help hire, train, and retain high-performing sales teams. Adam got a bit fed up with the industry and decided to do things differently...

On this episode, we talk about how to maximize the long term value of your customers and systematize your sales process in ways that will differentiate yourself from the competition!

Show Highlights

Tip No. 1: Set up a referral program that is different
Tip No. 2: Make asking for referrals part of your sales process
Tip No. 3: There are three times to ask for referrals
Tip No. 4: Stand out by not using the same materials as your competitors
Tip No. 5: Door knocking sucks, softening the process can make it easier
Tip No. 6: Cater your pitch to where the customer is at in the process
Tip No. 7: Your approach will differentiate yourself from the other sales people
Tip No. 8: Strategies for closing the one legger with the friendly follow up
Tip No. 9: Setting the appointment using the cable guy method
Tip No. 10: Systematize first, then turn up your leads