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Episode 102: 3 Keys to Success for Roofers: Consistency, Perfection, Developing Systems with Michael Roth

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About this Episode

Mike Roth, the owner of Thoroughbred Construction, always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He didn’t know which direction to go in at first. He understood that trades were dying and figured roofing was the best route to go because everyone has to have one. Mike runs all the finances and handles the marketing. The company has more certifications than most, but outside of that, the company delivers what they say they’re going to. Thoroughbred Construction stands strong on its values and tries to deliver the best job every time. 

Mike is big on family and has two boys, Beckem and Brooks. He tries to lead by example and strives to be the best role model he can be.  

On this episode we talk about the three keys to success for roofing contractors: consistency, perfection, and developing systems. 


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