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Episode 110: From Full Time Firefighter To Full Time Roofing Contractor with Mark Latham

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About this Episode

Mark Latham founded Firehouse Roofing in 1997. Firehouse was established in Mark’s hometown Rockwall, TX and continues to serve all of DFW. With local, community roots dating back over 30 years, Mark and the Firehouse Roofing team know the importance of community.

Mark, served as a firemen for over 15 years while operating Firehouse Roofing. Now, Mark’s singular focus outside of his duty as a husband & father is owning and operating Firehouse Roofing. Mark wanted to find the most impactful way to continue to serve his community and his brotherhood of Firemen — this desire gave birth to the initiative “Our Roofs Save Lives”.

On this episode we talk about transitioning from full time firefighter to a successful full time roofing contractor. 


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