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Episode 112: The Value of Longevity in a Roofing Company with Brooks Strength

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About this Episode

Brooks Strength is experienced in all construction categories and takes pride in providing the best service possible. In addition to Brooks’ primary job functions as Vice President, he has been recognized for his extraordinary commitment to customer satisfaction. Brooks has worked in the construction industry for 18 years and his passion for his work reaches far beyond the workplace. He began his career as a siding installer with Strength Roofing & Siding (formerly Siding with Strength) in the early 2000s and within a few years became a roofing installer, while also furthering his skills in other areas of construction.

In early 2015, Brooks decided it was time for change for Siding with Strength, so he began working in the sales department, progressing in customer relations, and marketing, leading him to change the name of the company to Strength Roofing & Siding. At this time, he also introduced the company logo that you recognize today. Brooks has gained unparalleled experience in his field and is setting a new standard for leadership by directing the sales team, while also going above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations. When he is not working, Brooks enjoys spending time with family and friends, napping, racing cars, building projects, and modifying toys for his children.

On this episode we talk about the value of longevity in a roofing company. 


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