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Episode 115: Why Your Roofing Business Needs an End Goal with Adam Olson

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About this Episode

Adam Olson, owner of Heartland Roofing and Siding was born and raised in Central Iowa. He entered the workforce not knowing what he wanted to do. Adam was fortunate to get a job in residential construction sales that took him from Central Iowa to Chicago and then to Minneapolis before ending back in Central Iowa. Throughout this experience, he learned a lot about the industry but also saw a huge opportunity. The industry standard of how customers are treated was lacking. Adam saw an experience that should be easy, straight forward, and exciting for a homeowner, but as an industry in general, too often he saw poor workmanship, lack of professionalism, and most of all, lack of communication. From there, Adam decided to start Heartland. That decision changed his life in ways he can’t even describe, and watching it grow each year has been incredibly rewarding. In his free time, Adam loves spending time with his wife and their four boys. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in their house because the boys never seem to run out of energy!

On this episode we talk about having an end goal for your roofing company. 


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