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Episode 117: Why Roofers Must Do What They Say & Say What They Do with Jim DelPrete

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About this Episode

Beantown Home Improvements is a family owned and operated business built around “old school”​ values serving the New England area. The President of the company, Jim DelPrete comes from a long line of builders and construction workers, who have served much of the South Shore of Massachusetts. His grandfather, Albert DelPrete, owned & operated DelPrete Construction founded in 1947. This company, which was one of the largest of its time and employed several hundred local workers, not only built hundreds of homes in Massachusetts but was also responsible for building all of the original sea walls from Cape Cod to New Hampshire. Fast forward 30+ years and several of Albert’s children; David, Patsy, Mary and Paul (Jim’s father) all owned their own construction companies, and several of their children still build new homes today. 

What really sets the company apart is, that they don’t sell, they consult. They meet with clients and listen, they don’t pitch. They show up on time, and say what they do and do what they say, and stand behind that.  Pretty simple and straightforward, yet so many roofing contractors just can’t get this right.

On this episode we talk about why roofers must do what they say and say what they do. 


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