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Episode 135: The Benefits of Having a Business Owner’s View on Your Roofing Company with Bryson Berard

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About this Episode

Bryson Berard is the CEO of In The Light Roofing, a successful roofing company based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He began his career working for another roofing company, where his love for hard work and determination, honed from his background as a wrestler, led him to start his own company. Initially offering a variety of services, including roofing, siding, and gutters, Bryson and his team eventually narrowed their focus to specialize in roofing alone. In The Light Roofing has been in business for five years and continues to grow under Bryson’s leadership.

On this episode, we talk about running a successful roofing business and navigating the relay race between different departments. 

On this episode we talk about the benefits of having a business owner’s view on your roofing company. 


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