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Episode 138: The Best Ways to Keep Your Roofing Business Top of Mind with Millie Hindes

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About this Episode

Millie Hindes was born and raised in a suburb of Columbus, OH. Millie was bartending when she met a storm chaser, moved to Portland OR, fell in love with the town, riding a truck, climbing a ladder and getting on roofs and sweating her “tookus off”… Millie chased storms for a few years,  in 9 different cities… then she had her last TERRIBLE boss (story of climbing 10:12) and opened her business about 10 years ago. And YES she is the founder – it is not her father’s business, it is not her husband’s business… She “OWNs THIS B****!!!” 😉 

Watergate Roofing: covers up what’s inside. What makes them different is the company outlook and motto: Do it right. Do it well. The office is a happy, fun place to be – Nick, her “Beyonce” (we’ll expand on that) and she, has learned the importance of positive reinforcement with the staff. “EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES – it’s how you fix them that counts.”  

Millie started taking the growth of the company more seriously after she had Louie, her 4-year-old. Now Watergate Roofing is in a growth phase, and she doesn’t have control of everything- which is SUPER difficult to deal with, she says. Millie states, “I don’t know all my customers, we get leads off the interweb, they’re not all referrals – stuff goes wrong that I don’t know about – and I am expected to deal with this sh** like an adult!!” 

Amanda Fisher is the company’s sales coach and management/strategy coach – she helps the company back up out of the day-to-day – so they can see the BIG picture – long-term growth, hiring, firing. Amanda helps Watergate Roofing make important decisions.

On this episode, we talk about ways to keep your company at the top of consumers’ minds. 


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