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Episode 141: The Importance of Building a Good Team for Your Roofing Business with Chris Gonsalves

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About this Episode

Chris Gonsalves is a heart and soul owner with building in his nature. He created Millstream Construction at 19 years old and has propelled it to $6 Million in Annual Revenue. He has infused his company with his customer-centric approach, through the planful implementation of systems and skillful delegation. 

He is a serial entrepreneur, owning a building Construction company and partnering in a successful barber shop. He has also just purchased and will be heading a large commercial roofing company. His love of building businesses and infusing them with efficiency is worn on his sleeve and his impact is felt heavily in every venture he touches. 

Chris is also an ultra-endurance athlete, who loves spending time at altitude or giving his legs a break and ripping around on a motorcycle instead. He is a proud husband and a happy dog father of three. 

On this episode, we talk about building and maintaining a good team for your roofing business. 


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