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Episode 151: The Power of Teamwork in Roofing: Scaling & Achieving Change with Patrick Muhs

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About this Episode

Pat Muhs is the owner of Moose Roofing. Muhs grew up in a family-owned construction company and has been in the roofing business in Omaha since 1997. With a Best of Omaha designation 2018 and a repeat in 2019, and backed by numerous positive customer reviews on Google and Facebook, which Muhs says is a reflection of the incredible dedication of a team of employees who he treats like family.

“They are supported and appreciated, and the customer ends up feeling that, too,” he says. “Don’t ask me if we’re the best company in town. Ask my people.”

His German ancestors may have pronounced their last name differently, but in the U.S. Midwest, Muhs sounds just like “moose,” Muhs says. So, naming the company Moose Roofing was a natural progression, and the clean image of a strong and solid moose creates a brand that represents just what clients are looking for in a new roof or repairs.

Even after more than two decades in business, a company cannot become complacent. Every day, the Moose Roofing team provides commercial and residential customers with the same kind of care and attention to detail they did in the days when the company was still getting established in the market. Further, a successful company needs to continuously undergo strategic analysis and make changes to foster new opportunities and evolve, Muhs adds, and 2019 was one of those years.

“You must have a great culture and people who support one another.”

The result has been a refreshed outlook and a more profound commitment than ever, he says. Not only is 2019 finishing strong, but the company also has even higher expectations for 2020. “I have more enthusiasm than I ever have had before,” he said.

In addition to excellence in the quality of Moose’s work, the company has become known for its exceptional expertise in navigating insurance claims. This area is always changing and becoming increasingly more complex. The team keeps pace with training and education throughout the year and has worked closely with insurance agents, adjusters, and claims specialists for many years to maintain that expertise. It all comes down to what Moose Roofing does best: we embrace change and employ the latest technology and innovate process to stay on the cutting edge.

On this episode, we talk about the power of teamwork in roofing and how it enables professionals to scale their efforts and achieve meaningful change.


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