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Episode 164: Consistency Counts – Building Trust for Your Roofing Company with Sage Sorathia Deribin

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About this Episode

Sage Sorathia Deribin is the Co-Owner of Capitol Roofing and a lifelong resident of New Jersey. She obtained her college education in New York City and worked in the corporate banking industry for 15 years prior to transitioning into roofing. Sage experienced personal changes, including a divorce and having two young daughters, which led her to start her own company. She previously worked at a start-up in NYC before focusing her efforts solely on the roofing industry due to the pandemic. As the Operations Officer at Capitol Roofing, she manages the finance, marketing, and production aspects of the company. Sage and her fiancé run the family-owned business and have implemented various improvements, including standard operating procedures, a CRM system, and proper bookkeeping. Despite minimal focus on marketing, they have taken the company to the next level. Sage is an active member of the National Women in Roofing and the school’s PTO in Nutley, NJ, where she resides with her two daughters aged 8 and 10.

“I am extremely passionate about creating change and excelling in everything I touch!”

On this episode, we talk about revolutionizing the employee experience and the power of human resources. 


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