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Episode 166: Revolutionizing Employee Experience – The Power of HR with Rosalynn Verges

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About this Episode

Rosalynn is co-founder of Refinehry, a Minnesota-based joint-venture focused on creatively and strategically refining finance and HR practices in the contracting and home services space. Rosalynn’s 15-plus years as a certified Professional in Human Resources, with masters-level training from the University of South Dakota in organizational and leadership development, have given her valuable insight on what it takes to strategically create great places to work. She is an ELI-certified Train-the-Trainer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as privately held businesses. Rosalynn is passionate about developing culture-focused organizations and helping leaders reach their full potential. When not coaching clients, you might find her coaching Little League Baseball, hiking a trail or hanging with her family. 

On this episode, we talk about revolutionizing the employee experience and the power of human resources.

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