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Episode 27: You Need To Be Coachable To Find Success with New View Nick Royer

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About this Episode

Nick Royer & his business partner took New View Roofing from $0 to $60M in revenue over the last 4 years based off some old school ways: be honest, work hard, and KNOCK DOORS! Nick talks about his company’s standard they set & how he helps all his Project Managers get acclimated to the day to day grind in the competitive Dallas TX Roofing Market.

Nick was featured on @itsdaniealmac TikTok and Instagram Channels. Daniel Macdonald(@itsdanielmac) has garnered a lot of attention online by walking up to luxury car owners to flat out ask what they do for a living — and filming it for the rest of us to see.

One day he walked up to a man driving a White Ferrari, Nick Royer, and found out what he does for a living is Roofing & Real Estate. Nick’s video has gone viral! He then reached out to Daniel and took him for a ride in his Ferrari and upgraded his video gear. That is the kind of guy Nick is!

On this episode we talk about the milestones in Nick’s life that have led to his success, and what will help you achieve your own success in roofing!


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