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Episode 29: The Roofing Success Podcast 2020 Recap Show

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About this Episode

I am grateful for the opportunity to host this podcast! I am grateful to have met and developed friendships with the guests that we have had on, and some of the listeners! I am grateful for the stories of roofing contractors who have taken something that they have heard on the show, implemented it, and have leveled up their business!

On this episode, I discuss each episode of 2020.

Now I have a challenge for you, our loyal listeners. If you have been impacted in any way from this year’s episodes of the Roofing Success Podcast, post your success on social media with the hashtag #roofingsuccess.

It could be as simple as “listening to the roofing success podcast episode with Jim Johnson really made me realize that I have to work on my business and not in it”. Or “listening to the episode with Andrew Itnyre opened my eyes to the possibilities of Instagram”.

We want to share these stories on future episodes, I really think that it will add value!

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