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Episode 34: Become The Person That Your Company Needs You To Be with Kyle Patrick Of South Shore Roofing

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About this Episode

Until late 2014, Kyle will tell you that he was a lazy, C-average student, with no car, no driver’s license, no job…just living off his student loans to get by.

He slowly broke free of his habits, started to work, and then put together a successful multi-million dollar roofing business in Savannah, GA. Kyle started with almost no money and the office for the first year was in his backseat with a WiFi hotspot and mobile printer. Now it’s an established, well-structured company operating under the right systems and processes that keeps creating happy customers and employees. He now lives on the beach in Florida with everything he always wanted, and the company is still moving ahead.

Some of the most pivotal points in Kyle’s life was when he met younger guys who had built their dreams. He saw examples of what was possible with his own eyes, and he wants to help light that spark in others to take on their adventure too.

On this episode, we talk about how to become the person that your company needs you to be.


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