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Episode 35: Follow Through and Push Yourself Farther Than Your Competitors with Nick Brannon

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About this Episode

Nick Branon is the CEO of Hero Roofing out of Newnan, GA. He is 27 years old. Hero Roofing opened for business in Nov of 2018. Before the roofing industry, Nick was an amateur MMA fighter and bartender. He grew up in martial arts, and fighting actually landed him into roofing sales.

Hero Roofing’s customer service sets them apart. Their friendly, knowledgeable team is honest, committed, responsive, and ready to ensure the next roofing job goes smoothly from beginning to end.  They won’t leave a job until the work is done and the customer is completely satisfied with your new roof.

He is married and has two kids, Evie (3) and Ronin (1). His wife, Kristin helps in the business and runs their bookkeeping. Nick grew up in Georgia, his mom is a hairstylist and his dad was in HVAC and sheet metal, he is now Nick’s business partner.  Nick strives to be successful and give his family the very best life he can.

On this episode, we talk about following through and pushing yourself farther than your competitors.


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