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Episode 38: Build Your Brand On Something That Is Important To You with Jeff Sawyer and Matt Powers

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About this Episode

Ask Jeff Sawyer and Matt Powers why they started TruNorth Construction and they’ll probably say, in unison, “relationships.” So it makes sense that their relationship is at the core of the business. Their social media videos showcase their authenticity, the quality of their work, and how you can have fun in marketing your business.

Jeff’s passion for the renovation and construction industry started when he was young. He was the boy who could be found holding a hammer, helping his father around the house in Connecticut. He studied Architecture and has always been passionate about the design elements and the details that combined, help to take a blueprint and turn it into a reality. Today, he co-owns TruNORTH Construction alongside his colleague and friend, Matthew Powers. Together, the duo has grown the team to include 10 members and they currently work on residential and commercial projects across the state. When he’s not at a job site he can be found scaling the nearest incline with his best pal and pup, Sammy, or catching the current on his paddleboard.

One of Matt’s first jobs was working for a local roofing company in Connecticut. From there, his passion for the renovation and construction space blossomed. A CT native, he is well known in the area and he prides himself on building relationships while giving back through various community initiatives, a long-time family tradition. He is typically on the front line of the job site, lending his expertise to incoming crew members and clients alike. When he isn’t taking in the view from above atop a roof, he is usually hanging out with his son, Chase on the green, court, and/or ice. The dynamic between him and his partner, Jeff is the driving force behind the company’s success and the many moments when he is stopped at the local Home Depot by a passerby who is excited to relay a casual, “”I know you!”

On this episode, we talk about how to be successful in a business partnership, creating a successful video production strategy, and building lasting relationships.



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