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Episode 4: How to Systematize Your Roofing Business for Maximum Success with Honest Abe Roofing!

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About this Episode

Honest Abe Roofing was founded a decade ago with the goal to create a marketing and sales-based business model and to improve upon how roofing and other home improvement products and services were promoted and provided in a highly-fragmented marketplace.

It’s with this same philosophy that the Honest Abe Roofing franchise program was created.

On this episode, Kevin Newton & Jason Revere share details of the systems that you need in your roofing business to be successful, and the mindset that you need to be the top roofing company in your area!

Show Highlights

Tip No. 1: The first step, exchange services for money
Tip No. 2: How to generate 1 million in revenue per employee?
Tip No. 3: Snow, Ice, Rain, year around, you don’t have to wait
Tip No. 4: Prepare to be a multi-million dollar company from day one
Tip No. 5: You can’t replicate weather
Tip No. 6: Have a recognizable brand
Tip No. 7: Own mental real estate
Tip No. 8: Be the best know rather than the best
Tip No. 9: Establish Omnipresence
Tip No. 10: Quit trying to make ends meat


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