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Episode 44:Have An Open Mind, Have An Open Heart, And Listen with Ray Rannigan

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About this Episode

Texas Vets Roofing was born out of a desire to provide quality workmanship and customer service in an industry that seemed to largely lack them. They have been in business since February 2012, proudly serving customers in the great state of Texas with top-notch roofing services and with a dedication to integrity and quality in everything they do.

Rochelle Rannigan, whose friends call her Ray, is the proud owner of Texas Vets Roofing and JKE Property Investments. Her ultimate goal in life is to be an amazing mother and an empowerer of women. A few of her greatest accomplishments are 11 years of sobriety, mother of 3 amazing sons, and becoming a Woman serial entrepreneur.
On this episode, we talk about having an open mind, an open heart, and how to listen.


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