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Episode 48: Why You Need The Right Advice at The Right Stage of Your Roofing Business with Nathan Tebedo

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About this Episode

Nathan Tebedo (Coach T) has 20+ years in the home services industry. His experience includes installations all the way to general business management as a contractor, then sales, training, consulting, and business development for a construction software company working with hundreds of contractors across the country. Nathan has also worked with security and Department of Defense contractors. 

At ContractorCoachPRO Nathan writes and builds content, speaks, is a host on the Contractor Radio podcast, and is a trusted coach and advisor to some of the best contractors and leaders in the industry.

Nathan’s personal purpose is to increase his wisdom, knowledge, and capacity to inspire and teach others to do the same. He is passionate about his purpose and carries it out alongside the ContractorCoachPRO team through the company purpose of Making Dreams a Reality.

On this episode, we talk about the stages of growing your roofing business, and how you need the right advice at the right time.


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