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Episode 5: How to Ensure Profitability in Your Roofing Business with Shawn Van Dyke!

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About this Episode

Shawn is a construction industry consultant, business coach, and mentor. He is a keynote speaker and travels the US working with and training construction business owners on how to streamline their businesses.

After spending nearly 20 years in and around the construction industry owning and operating several businesses, he left the “C-Suite’ to focus on his mission: TO CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD VIEWS THE TRADES.

On this episode, Shawn Van Dyke details how to ensure profitability in your roofing business.

Show Highlights

Tip No. 1: We Go to the bank account – When Do You Read Your Balance Sheet
Tip No. 2: Why are you reacting to the balance in your bank account?
Tip No. 3: What is the law of induced demand?
Tip No. 4: Profit is the reason that you are in business!
Tip No. 5: Be great at cash management, then accounting
Tip No. 6: How to set rules for the expenses in your roofing business
Tip No. 7: How to know if you priced the job incorrectly
Tip No. 8: How to stop selling the wrong work, at the wrong price, to the wrong client
Tip No. 9: If you don’t pay a premium, you will get an inferior service
Tip No. 10: How to get your time back to get more profitable jobs

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