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Episode 50: Be Humble and Continue to Grow by Reaching Out for Knowledge with Kevin Ebbs

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About this Episode

Kevin Ebbs is from Houston, Texas and lives in Dallas. Currently, he’s the CEO & Managing Partner of Design Roofing General Contractors. Kevin loves being an athlete and is a very studious person. Working hard and continuing knowledge is most important to him. 

Design Roofing General Contractors is a team of high-level executives with a wide range of experience in all aspects of the industry, assembled with the vision to change roofing contracting by designing an educational, simple, and positive process for property owners. Design Roofing wants to dominate the industry and not just be another contractor. The company takes pride in servicing clients by making sure they understand every step, assuring full transparency and trust.

On this episode, we talk about growing your roofing business by being humble and reaching out for knowledge and opportunities. 



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