Roofing Success Podcast: Episode 51

Establishing Referral Partnerships Is Crucial For Growth with Matt Danskin

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About this Episode

Matt Danskin has leveraged his years of experience in the contractor space to come up with a proven referral system. After years of wasting money on other marketing tactics, Matt's own system, RRS, allowed him to manage his own crews while selling $4.5 million in the Denver area.

Restoration Referral System teaches Roofing, and Flood & Fire Mitigation Contractors how to consistently develop productive referral relationships with insurance agents. Matt teaches his process in a step-by-step approach enabling contractors to quickly generate efficient profit and find their ideal clients.

Matt currently lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and three sons. He works across the country as a contractor, consultant and independent inspector. 

Matt was awarded the "Most Innovative Industry Entrepreneur" for the WTS Industry Awards 2021. 

On this episode, we talk about how to establish, develop, and maintain referral partnerships by focusing strategically.