Roofing Success Podcast: Episode 53

The Truths and Myths of Commercial Roofing Revealed with Daniel Lakstins

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About this Episode

Daniel Lakstins is the founder of Roofing Business Builder, a podcast and training program designed to deliver the inside secrets of commercial roofing industry success. Roofing Business Builder gives roofing contractors the mentoring, training, and motivation needed to dominate in the commercial roofing industry.

Daniel Lakstins has been mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners for 17+ years primarily in the commercial roofing industry. He is an accomplished author, speaker, podcast host, and 30-year vet of the roofing industry. His mission is to help emerging roofing entrepreneurs build and scale their commercial operations. Daniel’s passion is spreading positive motivation to assisting entrepreneurs in accomplishing their dreams. He believes compassionate conscious capitalism is changing the world. 

On this episode, we talk about the truths and myths of commercial roofing and how your passionate energy can permeate through the company.