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Episode 66: Best Practices to Recruit Sales Reps for Your Roofing Company with Kris Bates

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About this Episode

Kris Bates, CEO and President of OnPoint Premier is from West Texas. He first got into adjusting for an insurance company. He maintained this position for over 13 years giving him invaluable insight into insurance companies and how best to work with them. Having an understanding of the insurance business, it was not hard for him to make the jump in starting his own company in partnership with Robert McDonald. 

OnPoint Premier, established in 2016, was founded by Robert McDonald and Kris Bates with the desire to change the roofing industry through superior customer service and quality craftsmanship.

OnPoint Premier is known for being the local roofing company that crafts gorgeous roofs for homeowners and businesses across the state of Texas. The company helps homeowners through the claim process. OnPoint Premier has an in-house supplementor that helps maximize the homeowner’s claim. Employees are educated in code compliance and keep up to date with what the city requires to make sure every homeowner is brought up to code. 

On this episode, we talk about how to recruit and train sales reps along with implementing processes in your roofing company. 


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