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Episode 68: Surround Your Roofing Business With the Right Processes & People with Ben Matthews

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About this Episode

BRAX Roofing services Montgomery County, and Washington DC and consists of a dedicated team of top-notch product specialists, designers, project managers and in-house installers.

Led by owners Ben Matthews and Boris Cardenas, the team at BRAX Roofing is a cohesive unit that strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction, highlighted by quality craftsmanship and durable products that last the test of time. 

Ben and Boris started their roofing business without a lot of capital, working out of Ben’s basement, knocking on doors, and reinvesting every dollar. 

Ben talks about the lessons he learned from his first hire experience to executing a small team at a high level. By hiring good people and trusting them in their positions, Ben is able to streamline his processes, doubling down on what works for the company. 

Ben’s biggest insight for other roofing contractors is to learn from other people’s mistakes by reading, Googling, and listening to podcasts. He states, “If you don’t learn from other people’s mistakes, you’re just setting yourself up years behind.”

On this episode, with Ben Matthews from BRAX Roofing, we talk about the importance of surrounding your roofing business with the right processes and people in order to be successful. 


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