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Episode 72: Using Your Brand Story To Offer Homeowners More Than Just Roofing with Jordan Cox

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About this Episode

The Roof Medic was founded with the singular goal of helping people. Serving in the United States Army as a medic, Jordan Cox had the opportunity of helping hundreds of soldiers involved in traumatic events. 

This made a major impact in his life. During Jordan’s years working in the roofing industry, he consistently witnessed the difficulty and often frustration homeowners experienced when hiring a roofing contractor, especially through the insurance claims process. The more he learned about the process, Jordan quickly became one of the most respected and knowledgeable in the industry, specializing in Storm Recovery. 

Since The Roof Medic’s initial founding, the team has consistently grown, hiring more like-minded individuals that share a passion for helping people. You won’t find a more committed team of people than at The Roof Medic.

On this episode, we talk about using your brand story to offer homeowners more than just roofing. 


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