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Episode 73: How To Maximize Time, Money, And Freedom In Your Roofing Business with Jason Phillips

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About this Episode

2019 Torch Award winner, BBB of Central North Texas Board of Directors member,  Advanced Certified Human Behavior Consultant and change agent in home improvements from Plano, TX, Jason Phillips, has two passions: renewing homes and inspiring people. His company, Phillips Painting, began humbly in ‘97 with a dream of transforming homeowners’ experiences from “hohum” into “WOW”. With carefully timed additions of roofing, gutters, siding, and windows, Jason continues creating WOW experiences for homeowners and team members alike. 

Dynamo and innovator, Jason’s a home improvement expert in the people business. He is quoted in Ann Marie Sabath’s best seller, What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t and in June 2018’s inPaint Magazine and was featured on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires. Jason’s company, Phillips Home Improvements, is BBB A+ rated 24 yrs. running, Consumer’s Choice Awarded 10 yrs., Best Picks Certified 10 yrs., a Top 500 Qualified Remodeler and Top 100 Customer Satisfaction Leader. Visit Jason’s website for motivational leadership tips, tools that equip entrepreneurs to win back their hard-earned time, money and freedom and inspiration for living.

Jason’s also a regular guy. Teller of bad dad jokes. Beach lover. Cool car enthusiast. Reader. Builder of leaders. And most importantly respected husband, father of 5, humble servant and ambassador of Christ. He teaches his kids that debt is bad, money is just a tool to enrich lives, and that with sales, people, and leadership skills, they can succeed in any economy and make a difference every day. Learn about all things Jason Phillips at

On this episode, we talk about the triple crown of contracting, time, money, and freedom.



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