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Episode 74: The Video Framework That Your Videographer Doesn’t Want You To Have with Kevin Le

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About this Episode

Kevin Le is a content creator, visual storyteller and brand partner who works with businesses to produce entire video strategies so they can be competitive and carve out their own fanbases in today’s digital landscape. 

As a Vietnamese refugee, Kevin grew up with his family in Southern California in search of experiencing the American Dream. Through decades of blood, sweat & many tears, his parents became successful entrepreneurs who paved the way for him to carve out his own vision of success and freedom. 

Kevin found his superpower when he realized his love for storytelling, combined with his love for meeting and connecting with captivating individuals who’ve persevered through life’s greatest challenges, as a way to bring hope and inspiration to its viewers.

From producing podcasts and courses to brand stories and commercials, Kevin uses his love for storytelling and creative video production to craft visually captivating content that connects its subjects to the viewers in the most human way possible.

Kevin’s hope is to leave a lasting legacy through the stories he shares with the world. 

On this episode, we talk about how you can get into the practice of shooting video content with a very simple approach and framework.


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