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Episode 78: The Snakes, Vipers, Sharks, Trap Doors & Quick Sand To Avoid In Commercial Roofing with Greg Hayne

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About this Episode

Greg Hayne is owner of the Hayne Coaching Group. Greg helps contractors find and implement better, smarter, more innovative ways to work. His proven “Creating Great Service” training, support and implementation program helps commercial roofers grow their service departments. His “ESE Peer Groups” bring non-competing roofers together multiple times a year to share best practices, solve common problems and tip the competitive landscape in their favor in a big way!  Finally, his “Climbing Into Commercial for Residential Roofers” is an implementation and support program to help residential roofers who want to step up into commercial roofing.

On this episode, we talk about what it takes to become a successful commercial roofing contractor. 


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