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Episode 96: The Toughest Lessons to Learn When Starting a Roofing Company with Paul Perez of Texas Family Roofing

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About this Episode

Paul Perez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He started in construction in 1999 because he heard the money was good and he could be his own boss. Now, he is the owner of Texas Family Roofing. Texas Family Roofing is different from other companies because the company showcases who they are.

Texas Family Roofing’s goal is to educate homeowners on their options, help people understand the process, and provide an exceptional experience as a trusted advisor. As a family-owned and locally operated business, Texas Family Roofing strives to deliver exceptional service to all of its clients. 

The company’s approach is consultative and no-pressure. They aim to provide the best possible solution for the property, and save time and money by combining their experience and expertise. 

As top producers in the roofing industry, Texas Family Roofing also wants to share their knowledge with peers in the roofing game. Start up companies and individuals interested in the beginning stage of their roofing career can watch their content and help increase the knowledge of this great industry.

On this episode we talk about tough lessons learned along the way when starting a roofing company. 



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