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Episode 97: Intention Is the Key to Achieving Success in Your Roofing Business with Devon Bullard

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About this Episode

Devon Bullard has nearly 10 years in the home improvement and construction industries working with families, commercial businesses and developers. Devon is the founder of Bullard Exteriors and Bullard Energy, two companies committed to the betterment of metro-Atlanta families and commercial properties. Throughout his years in business, Devon has spearheaded the growth and development of a full sales team (2019) that has completed 2000+ jobs, founded a company dedicated to solar energy and generated revenue of nearly 10 million dollars. As a college dropout, father and business owner, Devon’s drive is fueled by his willingness to provide and want to help others within the community succeed.

On this episode we talk about why intention is everything and the key to achieving success in your roofing business.


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