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Episode 99: We’ve Got 99 Problems But A Lead Ain’t One w/ Joe McDevitt And Wes Grant – Black & White Roofing

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About this Episode

Joseph E. McDevitt (Owner/President and CEO) of Black & White Roofing has lived in the Lake of the Ozark Area his entire life (31 years) and plans on being a lifelong resident. Joseph has been married now for 6 years to his wife Zhengjia C. McDevitt (Owner/Vice President and CFO) who came here from Shenyang, China as an International College student and is now a naturalized citizen of the United States. Joseph and Zhengjia have two children together, a 5 year old son Eli K. McDevitt and a 3 year old daughter Iris M. McDevitt. Joseph Graduated from Eldon High School in 2005 and received a B.S. Degree from Northwest Missouri State University in 2011. He is a 10 year Missouri Army National Guard Veteran and former Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot/Gunner. It has always been his dream to own his own business and to offer his fellow Veterans a good career path. Being an entrepreneur is in his blood and his pursuit of success is always growing. Joseph believes his skill sets are proving to transition perfectly into the business world, especially the roofing industry. Currently these skills the Vets possess have put the company a stride ahead of every one of their competitors and due to their strong work ethic and ability to win, and never give up attitude, Black & White Roofing will be tough to beat.

Wes Grant is from Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.  He started out in the industry as an insurance adjuster and has been a licensed adjuster for 5 years. Wes has worked all kinds of claims from small water leaks to total loss. He is also a certified appraiser and umpire. Wes  brought his skills to the roofing industry when he met Joe, who he found was one of the only honest roofers in the area with integrity and who has the homeowners best interest at heart.  Wes brings his skills and helps train all of the staff what is and is not damage and how to help homeowners navigate the insurance side of things. 

On this episode we talk about leveraging your brand to generate leads. 


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