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How a Roofer got 54 Extra Calls with This One Simple Roofing AdWords Trick

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Some roofing business owners despise Google AdWords as a roofing marketing tactic. Some love it.

Either way, there is an easy way for you to get a ton of extra calls for a much cheaper price per lead – and it puts you ahead of your competition in Google Maps in an instant!

See how this client of ours received 54 EXTRA phone calls on top of what they were already getting through AdWords and other marketing channels just by using this simple strategy. Check out the Free Training below:

the homepage of a website on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone
Briquelle Simpson

8 Parts of a Website Homepage

Your roofing website’s homepage is like your virtual storefront. It’s how you can make a great first impression on prospective customers. According to research, your business only has about 7 seconds to make a first impression on prospects. Your roofing website has even less time to make a good impression.

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Free estimates sticky note
Briquelle Simpson

The Secrets to a Killer Free Roofing Estimate Page

It’s standard practice for homeowners to seek several roofing estimates from multiple contractors. So, how do you make your free roofing estimate stand out from the others? One way to rise above your competitors is to offer a seamless user experience for prospects. When a potential customer searches for roofers

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