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Allana Linn

Planning, scheduling, and writing both blogs and website content as well as managing writing team to ensure timely content delivery.

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Allana Linn

“I was a competitive gymnastics for 9.5 years and have been coaching gymnastics at all levels since I was 17. I’ve strictly coached high school gymnastics since 2018. “
“It’s a dream come true. My entire life I wanted to be a writer. Of course, 8 year old me didn’t envision that looking like spending all my time writing about roofs, but here we are. I love writing and I love planning and organizing, so having the opportunity to do both is perfect.”
Mainly, spend time with my family. I’ve been married since Oct 2013 and have three kids. We love to travel both with and without the kids, and the vast majority of our free time is spent together, as a family. I also love reading, journaling, and crafting.