Our System

The Strategy Behind the System

Our Roofing Marketing System is the only of its kind to encompass our 4 pillar strategy into one efficient marketing campaign for your roofing business. This is our method for Dominating Your Competition Online.

4 pillar marketing strategy for roofers

1. Build a Lead Generating Website

We build you a highly effective, lead generating, and lead converting website that we know works in the roofing industry. Tested designs that push website visitors to contact you now, not later on.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

We implement our tested PPC campaigns for your brand that will generate non-stop leads immediately! From Google & Bing Ads, to targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns, you'll have no shortage of leads coming in from all directions.

5. Lead & Call Tracking

You need to know your ROI on your marketing dollars. We install advanced call tracking and form to call lead generation systems that actively measure your incoming leads on a monthly basis.

2. Local SEO Campaign

We use our tested local SEO strategy to push your search engine rankings up and increase your website traffic. Yes, there are secrets to ranking your website in search results - and from working on so many roofer sites, we know the steps to success.

4. Retargeting Campaign

Many will come to your website, but not all will contact your business. Setting up proper retargeting ads will finish the job. Stay in front of your audience so you never lose them as potential customers in the future!

6. Reviews System

The lifeblood of a campaign revolves around the reputation of your roofing company online. We help to implement our review capture system for your business so you'll be able to grow your brand's online reputation and trust factor quickly and easily.