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Social Media Video Marketing Framework

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Social media started out as a popular medium for text-based content and eventually evolved into sharing photos. Today, videos are king! Thanks to apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, videos are very popular on social media.

Videos posted on social media sites are shared 12 times more than text and image posts combined. If you don’t share videos on social media, you could be missing out on better engagement rates.

It’s time to embrace social media video content. We know it can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you implement this social media video marketing framework.

In this blog post, we’ll cover what you need to know about posting videos on social media.

Social Media Video Marketing Framework for Roofers

One of the most difficult parts of posting videos on social media is committing to make videos. Getting in front of the camera for the first time and clicking publish on the video can feel daunting.

This framework lays out everything you need to get started on your social media video journey. Let’s dive in!

1. Generate Video Content Ideas

Before you start filming videos, generate a list of content ideas. We recommend keeping a master list of video ideas that you can add to as you think of new ideas.

Coming up with ideas in advance saves you time in the long run and takes some of the pressure off of making the actual video. Sometimes, thinking of topic ideas is half the battle when creating a video.

Here are some video ideas to help you start your content list:

  • Share a success story: This can be anything from a before/after of a roofing job you’ve completed to showcasing a client problem and how you solved it.
  • Share YOUR story: People love to hear origin stories! How did you get into roofing? Make a video sharing your story.
  • Teach a topic: Showcase your expertise and educate viewers on roofs. When should you repair or replace a roof? What shingles work best in what climates? These are all great educational video topics you can use.

2. Shoot Videos in Batches

To streamline efficiency, choose one designated day per week to film all of your videos.

When you shoot videos in batches, you create all of the content you need in a single day! This helps you break up the work and ensures you actually get around to filming.

It also means you don’t have to be in front of the camera every day.

3. Freestyle Within a Framework

You don’t want your videos to seem too scripted. But you also don’t want to forget to plug your company’s name in the video.

That’s why it’s important to freestyle within a framework. Create a general framework for your videos. This framework can be as simple as a checklist of items you want to cover or a more detailed outline.

Creating a framework ensures you go over everything you need to cover without being too rehearsed and scripted.

4. Repurpose Content

Repurposing content can amplify your social media reach. You can easily repurpose video into additional content.

You worked hard to create original content! One video can turn into several social media posts, multiple blogs, or even part of a landing page on your website.

Work smarter, not harder, and maximize your efforts through repurposed content.

5. Nail Down the Posting Process

If you have the bandwidth at your company, it’s ideal to remove yourself entirely from the posting process. That way, you can focus on the creative elements of video creation and ensure it all gets uploaded.

However, that might not be possible for everyone. So, if you’ve got to own each step of the video process, manage your time wisely.

We recommend batching your time to upload videos. If you rely on the “I’ll get around to it” mindset, it may never make it online!

Videos sitting on your hard drive don’t help you boost social media engagement. Create an effective video posting process to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted.

Take Control of Social Media Marketing

Follow this framework to help you get started on your social media video journey today. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you first start out. Remember, the enemy of good enough is perfection.

If you’re looking for more help managing your digital marketing strategy, the Roofer Marketers team is here to help.

We have years of expertise in helping roofing companies successfully market their businesses. From hashtags to social posts, our team is here to help you manage it all.

Schedule a call with Roofer Marketers to learn how a killer social media marketing strategy can benefit your business. 

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