Buying Roofing Leads from Big Name Brokers Sucks.
And So Do Most So Called "Marketing Companies".

What You Really Need is a PROVEN System that will turn your brand into a Non-Stop Lead Generating Machine.
Dominate Your Local Market. Guaranteed.

Our System

A Powerful Internet Marketing Program for both
Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractors

Dear Roofing Business Owner,

You’ve likely reached this page because you’re a contractor that wants to take your business to the next level. You want a custom built marketing system that CONSISTENTLY generates exclusive roofing leads on demand for you month in and month out.

You want to grow your business into something that’s going to last and going to be talked about about the community.

If you’re a roofer that’s serious about making a living, you want to build a REPUTABLE & sustainable business that will be around for years to come.


1. I've already tried buying leads, it didn't work

2. Hiring someone for marketing is a waste of money, I have referrals


You know that a necessary part of being a contractor and owning a business is having a steady supply of leads.

You’ve likely already BOUGHT leads from some Big Name brokers. You know who I’m talking about. Am I right?

And you probably paid good money too for each crappy lead that they sent you.

It likely didn’t work out. You probably realized the leads have been resold to about 5 other contractors and weren’t even qualified in the first place.

don't burn your marketing dollars


The ONLY REAL WINNER when you purchase them is the Lead Brokers themselves.

Because they just collected multiple payments for one crappy lead that they resold several times.
And you got nothing out of it.

But even worse than this, these leads that receive the calls from you have absolutely no idea who you are. They’ve never seen your brand or logo before.

To the homeowner, you’re just another one of the 5 or 6 contractors calling today and annoying them about getting a free estimate like everyone else.

For any legitimate roofing contractor trying to grow a business, this is the absolute worst way to try to build a company that will last into the future.

You need to build a REPUTATION. You need to build TRUST.

Don’t burn these bridges by thinking you can get away with just BUYING Leads and that’s it. This is no way to grow a sustainable long-term business.


Well, tell that to the the businesses that are thriving in your area online and see how they're doing. Referrals are great and all, but no roofing company can live and breathe based on referrals only.

But for roofing business owners that are serious about taking your revenues to a whole new level...


If you want to build a long term business as a roofing company owner, you need a reliable and dependable system to bring in customers on a daily basis.

A system that generates leads consistently and exposes consumers to your brand no matter where they go on the internet (and off the internet for that matter).

An efficient marketing system that:

Is Custom-Built For Your Business

Everything in your campaign from content to actual ads is built for your brand and only your brand.

Gives You the Most Exposure Possible

You need to be seen everywhere online. Every search engine. In search results, Google maps, website ads, and social media feeds.

Positions You as the Authority

Be the leader in your service area so everyone knows your business is reputable when they look up local roofing companies.

Provides Exclusive & Branded Leads

Homeowners that contact you will know who you are and where you serve already since they'll be calling from your own branded web properties.

Instantly Connects Homeowners to You

No more of this get the lead and contact them later. Interested leads contact you directly so you can close them the first time around.

Is Cost Effective, Low Risk, and Has High Returns

And that's where our online marketing system comes into play. Get a long term results based system that will take your marketing to the next level.

As a #1 Rule, you need a custom marketing system to be built that will generate you potential customers NOW and consistently help you grow and expand well into the future.

That’s where our Roofing Marketing Program comes in.

"Roofer Marketers has created a marketing system that packs a real punch. Powerful tools, expert guidance, and services that consistently overdeliver will help any roofing contractor looking to 2-5x their sales revenues in the next year."

It's everything you'll need to grow your business, right at your fingertips.


We’ve been in the roofing contractor internet marketing business for some time and have developed a 4 pillar system that hits all points of the digital marketing sphere.

Lots of trial and error over time has allowed us to produce a system that generates consistent results for our clients. It’s a win-win relationship for every roofer that joins.

We’ve been able to take our extensive marketing experience and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

brian niebler, founder
jim ahlin cofounder

Roofer Marketers was founded by Brian Niebler & Jim Ahlin – who have been in digital marketing world for many years. We’re a subsidiary of Boost Marketing & SEO, an agency that helps many local businesses with their digital marketing, SEO, and PPC, but we’ve found great success helping roofing businesses in particular.

After seeing so many contractors suffer at the hands of big lead brokers and digital marketers that couldn’t bring results, we decided that something had to be done about it.

Our expertise and experience in both SEO, digital marketing, and Sales is why we’re so confident in our roofing marketing system working for your business (as it has for many others throughout the country).

Their Roofing Marketing System has given us a huge increase in online traffic and website leads. Our brand is front and center in our area more than ever before.


Our System

So what makes our system so effective?

Our marketing program is specifically designed to get as many eyes as possible on your brand from all over the internet. Couple that with incredible converting advertising offers, beautiful landing pages, lead generating website, and more, and you’ll never have to worry about doing sales again.

Here’s why your roofing company is bound to see growth like never before:


digital marketing company for roofers

The backbone of your custom built marketing system from Roofer Marketers is the website we’ll build. We have tested dozens and dozens of website formats and designs and found one that dominates all others.

With slick call to actions on both desktop and mobile, a beautiful and fast loading design, and specifically custom tailored with content, imagery, and branding for your business, your website will be the jumping off point that we build your marketing system on.

As a program member, you’ll get every aspect of this site custom-built specifically for your business.

You can see in the example above how easy it is for visitors to access contact details and submit estimate requests no matter where they are on the site and no matter the type of device they’re using.

Your brand will look spectacular and visitors will want to make contact with you. We’ve proven it time and time again in our testing. And we’ll have this up and running for your business in less than 3 weeks time.


advertising for local roof contractors

We want your brand to be seen everywhere that people look. It’s how our proven system generates so many leads so consistently.

When it comes to online advertising you want your brand to catch people’s eyes. We’ll have you listed on Google & Bing’s advertising platforms, in Facebook & Instagram feeds, popular websites and blogs, and many other placements throughout the internet.

Our advertising makes people notice your brand, and allows them to easily click to call you or submit an estimate request directly to you.

make your brand seen


 market your roofs in search engines

Think SEO isn’t important? Think again. Our company founder has been a large player in the local search community for several years and knows what it will take to get you ranked in search engines.

We are experts at roofing SEO and we do it right. Having your brand appear in the top 3 on Google Maps for your services is a game changer and we typically see that movement within the first 90 days of working with our program partners.

Imagine being on top of all of your competitors for the most searched phrases in your industry on the world’s most popular search engine. Our websites are built to rank well, and with a little fine tuning and our expert SEO process, you’ll be right up there with the big boys.


landing pages that convert

The #1 reason digital marketing & advertising doesn’t work for roofing contractors is they don’t have proper pages for visitors to land on and convert into leads. Our lead capturing landing pages have been again TESTED AND TESTED over and over again until we found the highest converting ones.

These specifically tailored roofing service pages are eye-catching, they make potential leads want to take action, and they are branded so people know that they are reaching your company when they call or submit a form.


Even if your website is setup with the right conversion elements in place, the best you’re likely to get is 20% of visitors instantly contacting you.

That means 80% of the visitors you are spending money on advertising to send to your website, are not contacting you.

Retargeting them is how you can turn that around and convert “research now, contact later” prospects into your customers.

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon, then repeatedly seen this product advertised everywhere afterwards? This is retargeting.

After visiting your website, people will be browsing other websites or social media, and seeing your advertisements. It’s a great way of bringing prospects back and establishing strong brand presence.


lead notifications

You may have to take calls on the road or may not be in front of your computer to get the information down that you need.

Not to worry. With our extensive lead tracking system, every single call that comes through whether it be from search engines, ads, or any other form of advertising is tracked and recorded. You’ll have full access to your call dashboard so you can review calls as well as know how many leads have come in recently.

The same goes with any email submissions. We keep all name, email, phone, and service request information on record for you.

Stay organized and learn what’s working for you – all because you’re a member of our program!

This barely covers all of the advanced online marketing strategies we implement for your business but our Roofing Contractor Marketing System provides the perfect starting point for your roofing company to dominate your competition.

"I've hired and fired pretty much every lead generation company and web marketer there is out there, but Roofer Marketers definitely is unlike the rest."

-Trisha Jacobs
Exteriors Plus LLC

When we were first designing our Marketing Program for roofers, we asked real contractors what they'd like to see in a package like this. Sure there's companies that offer cookie cutter packages with certain elements, but we wanted to stand out above the rest. And so they have spoken. 

All of our services, software, and tools that are included in our program each have a specific use. Used together, they will propel your business to the next level and are what real roofing professionals specifically requested.

Professionally Written Content

content writing

Our writers are trained to write content for roofing contractor websites based on the services that you provide. We include images, videos, and call to actions to encourage your visitors to schedule an appointment with you and give you a call. 

  • Expertly written & SEO optimized
  • Covering 25+ cities that you service
  • Beautiful images that sell your services

Call Tracking & Lead Dashboard

call tracking dashboard

We'll set up your own personal leads dashboard and call tracking numbers so you'll always know where your visitors came from as well as have access to call recordings and custom contact forms that are submitted through your website.

  • We purchase you call tracking numbers
  • Custom designed web forms
  • Leads dashboard access for you and any employees that need to manage it

Fast & Secure Web Hosting

website hosting and a domain for free

You'll get your site hosted on the fastest WordPress Hosting there is available. Safe, secure, and with load times that will keep users and search engines happy, you won't have to worry about anything happening to your site.

  • Included SSL certificate for https://
  • Daily backups
  • CDN for fast image load times

Customer Review Software

online review management

Reputation matters for contractors online more than ever. We'll give you the software tools you need that help to get your business more 5 star reviews than your competitors in no time.

Take Your Roofing Company to the Next Level with Our Marketing System

Do you want long term growth, a business your family can be proud of,
and a top notch reputation in your local community?

The Roof Marketing System from Roofer Marketers can help you with this.
Whether you're a residential or commercial roofer, our system will give you a roadmap towards the results you need and you deserve to 5x your sales this year.

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, click the button below to schedule your free strategy session and see if you're a good fit!