The Roofing Success Podcast

The Roofing Success Podcast is a show created to inspire roofing contractors to achieve optimal success in their roofing businesses.

The host, Jim Ahlin, is the co-author of the book, "Internet Marketing For Roofing Contractors, How to TRIPLE Your Sales and Turn Your Roofing Website Into an Online Lead Generation Machine", and Co-Founder of Roofer Marketers, the Digital Marketing Agency for the roofing industry.

On each episode, Jim will be sitting down with industry leaders to talk about their processes, the lessons they learned, and how to find success in roofing.

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Episode 54: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Roofing Forever with Justin Hook & Garrett Martinez

Episode 53: The Truths and Myths of Commercial Roofing Revealed with Daniel Lakstins

Episode 52: Your Team Can Step up in Ways You Can't Imagine with Garen Armstrong

Episode 51:  Establishing Referral Partnerships Is Crucial For Growth with Matt Danskin

Episode 50:  Be Humble and Continue to Grow by Reaching Out for Knowledge with Kevin Ebbs

Episode 49:  How To Grow Your Roofing Business Through Referrals with John Senac

Episode 48:  Why You Need The Right Advice at The Right Stage of Your Roofing Business with Nathan Tebedo

Episode 47: Caring About People More Than Making Money Leads to Greater Success with Jonathan Dorosh

Episode 46: Spend Your Time On What Makes Money, Get Sales and Hire with Jordan Edwards & Jacob Thalwitzer

Episode 45: Create Honesty And Transparency In Your Roofing Business with Dan Blanton

Episode 44: Have An Open Mind, Have An Open Heart, And Listen with Ray Rannigan

Episode 43: How To Create A Strategic Model For Exponential Growth with Miguel Taveras

Episode 42: Keep Cash Flow King And Win More Jobs with Patrick Carr & Anthony

Episode 41: Developing The Right Focus For Success with Gilad Rubinsky

Episode 40: Cultivate Relationships That Bring Value On Both Sides with Jonathan Sherwood

Episode 39: How To Nurture And Manage Your Reputation To Build Your Brand with Joe Ayler

Episode 38: Build Your Brand On Something That Is Important To You with Jeff Sawyer and Matt Powers

Episode 37: How To Be A Little Better Every Day, Don't Look For A Magic Bullet with John Rhoden

Episode 36: How To Be A Servant To Your Team To Put Them In A Position To Succeed with Victor Lupis

Episode 35: Follow Through and Push Yourself Farther Than Your Competitors with Nick Brannon

Episode 34: Become The Person That Your Company Needs You To Be with Kyle Patrick Of South Shore Roofing

Episode 33: Leadership Is The Key To Success In Roofing, Be Humble and Delegate with Adam Fedale

Episode 32: Construction Millionaire Secrets with Dominic Rubino

Episode 31: How To Exit Your Roofing Company Rich with Michelle Seiler Tucker

Episode 30: How To Run Your Roofing Company Like A NASCAR Team with Jason Reisman

Episode 29: The Roofing Success Podcast 2020 Recap Show

Episode 28: Get Paid What You Deserve On Every Job - With Garrett Kurtt

Episode 27: You Need To Be Coachable To Find Success with New View Nick Royer

Episode 26: How To Increase Your Profit Per Job with Mike Braun

Episode 25: Success Habits Of Super Achievers with Adam Buttorff

Episode 24: Growth Through Acquisitions with Jeremy Dickman of Primm Roofing

Episode 23: How To Find The Best Neighborhoods and The Right Customers with Dashaun Bryant

Episode 22: How To Work On Your Roofing Business And Not In It with Jim Johnson

Episode 21: How To Have A Vision Beyond Your Roofing Company with Hunter Ballew

Episode 20: How To Scale Your Roofing Business with Becca Switzer

Episode 19: How To Find Success On Instagram with Andrew Itnyre

Episode 18: Why Focus & Hustle Are The Keys To Success with Eric Reno

Episode 17: How To Grow Professionally And Personally with Larry Stock

Episode 16: Being A Team Player Leads To Winning In Business with Jonathan Keating

Episode 15: How To Make Sure Everyone Knows Who You Are with Dustan Biegler

Episode 14: How To Create And Manage Exponential Growth with Tyler Jack

Episode 13: Changing The Perception of The Roofing Business with Greta Bajrami

Episode 12: How To Prospect, Sell, and Keep Production Going During COVID-19 Crisis with Adam Bensman

Episode 11: How To Use SBA Disaster Relief During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis with Jason Kohl, CCIM

Episode 10: How To Use Technology To Survive During The Coronavirus Crisis And Thrive Beyond The Crisis

Episode 9: The COVID-19 Opportunity for Roofing Contractors

Episode 8: How To Have The Greatest Story with Dom DiPietro - ROI Construction!

Episode 7: How To Stand Out In Your Market By Doing A Great Job With Justin Krein!

Episode 6: How To Have An Unlimited Marketing Budget For Your Roofing Business With Dominic Rubino!

Episode 5: How to Ensure Profitability in Your Roofing Business with Shawn Van Dyke!

Episode 4: How to Systematize Your Roofing Business for Maximum Success with Honest Abe Roofing!

Episode 3: How 5 Star Roofing Achieved 2,994% Growth Over The Last Three Years with Robert Cooper!

Episode 2: Maximize the long term value of your customers and systematize your sales process in ways that will differentiate yourself from the competition!

Episode 1: How to Hire the Right Employees & Create a Review Culture with Adam Buttorff