About Us

Jim and Brian - About Us at Roofer Marketers

Meet Brian and Jim.

We're the co-founders and leading strategic forces behind Roofer Marketers.

For years we have watched big name lead brokers and online marketing companies take over the roofing contractor marketing space online with little concern for the actual business owners themselves.

Our goal is to change that.
Our roofing industry specialized, highly trained team just does things better than the big name companies.

NRCA Member - Guaranteed ROI

Guarantees that Make Us Different

With our one of a kind marketing system for roofing companies, Roofer Marketers is here to make your roofing business the Dominant Player in your local market. Our goal is to make sure everyone in your area knows who you are when they start thinking about roofing for their home or business - we do this by making sure you're on top in every place you can be on the internet.

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    DOMINATE YOUR MARKET GUARANTEE: Our goal is to make your roofing business the authority and dominant roofing business in your market. This includes making sure you're ranked at the top on Google, show up everywhere on social media, dominate advertising on Google & Bing, and have the most online reviews in comparison to anyone else in your area.  Most of all, you'll be getting more leads and brand recognition than any other local roofing contractor in your area online. If you feel you're not the leader in your market after 12 months, we'll pause all payments and continue working until you are.
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    RETURN ON INVESTMENT GUARANTEE: Look, when you hire someone to do your marketing, you expect a return on investment. We go through the numbers with you ahead of time and set expectations ahead of time. Most of our clients receive a return on investment in their first 3 months and profit there on out! However, if for our campaign fails to get you the return that was expected, we'll refund your money. Guaranteed.
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    UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE: We're straight shooters and love to help roofing contractors grow their businesses. Just call or email us and we'll be happy to start a conversation if you have ANY questions along the way.
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    MORE VALUE THAN OUR COMPETITION GUARANTEE: We guarantee that there is no marketing system on the market for roofers that is more competitive or provides more value than ours. You're getting the whole system including a website, expert SEO, Google Ads management, Facebook Ad Creation and management, review management software, and many more options that no other company would dream of giving you all in one package. This is how you 5x your sales in 12 months time!

Home to the most advanced marketing program for roofing businesses on the planet:

Our System

We can guarantee you that the marketing system we build and our web product offerings go unmatched in this industry. 

Roofer Marketers has...

...a collection of satisfied, stress-free roofing contractors as our partners. We have helped numerous roofing businesses across the U.S. take control of their marketing and go back to doing what they do best...Running their businesses.

...a talented team of Marketing & Web Experts. Roofer Marketers is powered by our small team of specialty marketers. We don't hire people that are not completely obsessed with their crafts. Whether it be SEO, PPC, Social Media, or Web Design, they use their expertise to help you dominate your area.

...exceptional One-on-One Customer Service & Support. When you become a partner of Roofer Marketers, you better believe that you have our full attention. You won't find a more dedicated team to ensuring your success and helping you with anything you need throughout the process.

A No-Risk Win-Win Decision For Your Roofing Business

Stick with managing your business, while we help you take down your local competitors and become the #1 Roofing Company in your area. Become a partner of ours today and reap the benefits. Your success is our success. Click below to schedule a FREE strategy session to see if you're a good fit.