How a Roofer got 54 Extra Calls with This One Simple Roofing AdWords Trick

adwords strategy for roofers

Some roofing business owners despise Google AdWords as a roofing marketing tactic. Some love it. Either way, there is an easy way for you to get a ton of extra calls for a much cheaper price per lead – and it puts you ahead of your competition in Google Maps in an instant! See how this […]

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How to Optimize Roofers Google My Business Listing

optimizing roofing contractor's google my business listing

How to Perfectly Optimize Your Roofing Company’s Google My Business Listing for More Leads Don’t want to read the article? Click here to watch the Video Walkthrough. If you’re a roofer and your company doesn’t have a business listing on Google when you type your company name into that search bar, well, these days we’d […]

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7 Ways to Get 10-30 More Roofing Leads Every Week

The #1 challenge for any roofing business is being able to generate qualified roofing leads on a consistent basis. Once you have a system that works however, the possibilities for growth are endless. These days, businesses in the roofing field also find it difficult to recruit skilled labor. That being said, this will only be a […]

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150+ Roofing Keywords for SEO & PPC

find more roofing keywords for seo and ppc

The Top Roofing Keywords for SEO & AdwordsWhen it comes to being successful with generating leads online, you need to know what people are actually searching on Google and other search engines for first. Doing proper keyword research can help anyone get significantly more traffic and ultimately more sales. There’s plenty of keywords for roofing SEO […]

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