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A before and after picture of a rustry metal roof versus a new metal roof

4 Reasons to Have Roofing Before and After Pictures on Your Site

Everyone loves a good transformation story—they’re inspiring. This even applies to new roofs. You can tell powerful transformation stories on your website through roofing before and after pictures. Before and after roofing pictures help people visualize what’s possible for their homes. Posting roofing before and after photos on your roofing

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Facebook ads on a phone
Paid Ads

Roofing Facebook Ads: The Essential Guide

Building a marketing strategy for your roofing business takes time, research, and patience. Facebook ads are a great way to start your advertising journey. When you use Facebook roofing ads, you showcase your business to people who will need your services at some point. While they may not need a

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A roofer using a tablet for keyword research
Paid Ads

150+ Roofing Keywords for SEO & PPC

When it comes to successfully generating leads online, you need to know what people are actually searching for on Google and other search engines first. Proper keyword research can help any roofer get significantly more traffic and, ultimately, more sales. What Are Keywords? Keywords are specific words that people use

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Giant human walking up stairs
Lead Management

7 Ways to Get 10–30 More Roofing Leads Every Week

The #1 challenge for any roofing business is being able to generate qualified roofing leads on a consistent basis. Once you have a system that works however, the possibilities for growth are endless. These days, businesses in the roofing field also find it difficult to recruit skilled labor. That being said, this will only be a

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The Google Business Profile logo on a laptop keyboard
Google Business Profile

How to Optimize Roofers’ Google Business Profile Listing

Without a business listing on Google, your roofing company may as well not exist. We know that sounds a bit extreme. But most people these days search for roofing companies on Google. If people search for a roofing company and your company doesn’t show up, how are people supposed to

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