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150+ Roofing Keywords for SEO & PPC

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When it comes to being successful with generating leads online, you need to know what people are actually searching on Google and other search engines for first. Doing proper keyword research can help anyone get significantly more traffic and ultimately more sales.

There’s plenty of keywords for roofing SEO & PPC campaigns out there. Many contractors that try to do their online marketing themselves only run Adwords and optimize their site’s for the most common keywords out there. (And unfortunately, many agencies do too…shame on them.)

If you really want to up your game, you need to find more keywords than the average joe. Find things that potential consumers are searching for that are even lower in the sales funnel. 

Who do you think is more likely to be ready to buy now — someone searching for “roofer” or someone searching for “asphalt roof replacement”? I’d say the latter. There’s so many golden nugget keywords that no one thinks of optimizing for or running ads to. That’s where the real money is!

Location Based Roofer Keywords

Some of the most common keywords in the residential & commercial roofing industry revolve around general roofing terms + adding a city locale or state. These are what we’d call “money keywords” in SEO. That being said, they’re going to be the most difficult to rank for with SEO and also be the most expensive more likely than not when bidding on them on PPC platforms like Google Adwords.

Here’s a list of some common location based roofing keywords:

  • City + Roofing
  • City + Roofers
  • City + Roofing Company
  • City + Roofing Contractor
  • City + Roofing Service
  • City + Roof Repair
  • City + Roof Replacement
  • City + Commercial Roofers

You can also use these same keywords in any order and add stop words such as “Roofers in City”. 

Remember, if you target different service keywords for SEO, you want to make sure to create a page about each service. So if you’re targeting commercial roofing, you want to create an entire service page that’s about commercial roofing.

Over 150 Keywords for Roofing Campaigns We Use

Below is just a portion of the giant list of keywords that we use in our SEO & PPC campaigns that generate insane amounts of leads:

asphalt flat roof repair
asphalt roof repair
asphalt roof replacement
asphalt roofing contractors
asphalt shingle repair
asphalt shingle roof leak repair
asphalt shingle roof repair
best commercial roofing companies
best flat roof repair
best roof repair
best roofers
best roofing companies
best roofing contractor
best roofing contractors
bitumen flat roof repair
bitumen roof repair
built up roof repair
cedar roof company
cedar roofing company
cedar shake roof repair
certified roofers
certified roofing company
commercial roof contractors
commercial roof replacement
commercial roofing companies
commercial roofing contractor
contractors roof service
contractors roof
contractors roofing company
copper roofing company
emergency roof repair service
emergency roof repairs
emergency roofing company
emergency roofing repair
emergency roofing repairs
er roofing company
estimate for roof replacement
family owned roofing company
fiberglass roofing company
flat roof estimate
flat roof repair companies
flat roof replacement estimate
flat roofing companies
flat roofing company
flat roofing replacement
free estimate roofing
free estimates for roofing
free roof estimate
free roof estimates
free roof quote
free roof repair estimates
free roofing estimate
free roofing estimates
gaf certified roofers
gaf roofing company
gaf roofing contractors
general roofing company
hail damage metal roof
hail damage roof repair
home roofing companies
home roofing company
home roofing contractor
home roofing contractors
home roofing experts
home roofing service
local roof repair
local roof repairs
local roofer quotes
local roofer
local roofers
local roofing companies
local roofing company
local roofing contractor
local roofing contractors
local roofing repair
metal roof companies
metal roof contractor
metal roof contractors
metal roof estimates
metal roof hail damage
metal roof quote
metal roof repair company
metal roof repair contractors
metal roof replacement
metal roofing estimates
metal roofing experts
modified bitumen roof repair
new roof estimate
new roof estimates
new roof quote
new steel roofers
owens corning certified roofers
re roofing company
re roofing service
recommended roofing contractors
reliable roofing company
repair asphalt roof
reshingle roof estimate
residential re roofing
residential roofing companies
residential roofing company
residential roofing contractor
residential roofing contractors
roof change estimate
roof construction company
roof contractor
roof contractors
roof damage repair
roof estimate
roof hail damage repair
roof leak repairs
roof quote
roof repair and replacement
roof repair companies
roof repair company
roof repair contractor
roof repair estimates
roof repair near me
roof repair quote
roof repair service
roof repair services
roof repair specialist
roof repairs contractor
roof replacement companies
roof replacement company
roof replacement contractors
roof replacement estimates
roof replacement
roof shingle replacement
roof tile replacement
roofers near me
roofing companies near me
roofing companies with financing
roofing company
roofing construction company
roofing contractor
roofing contractors financing available
roofing contractors near me
roofing contractors that finance
roofing contractors
roofing emergency repairs
roofing estimates
roofing experts
roofing financing available
roofing free estimate
roofing installation company
roofing repair companies
roofing repair company
roofing repair contractor
roofing repair contractors
roofing repair service
roofing repair services
roofing replacement estimate
shingle roof contractor
shingle roof replacement
shingle roofing company
slate roofing company
steel roof contractors
steel roofing contractors
tar roof repair
tile roof replacement
tile roofing company
tin top roofing
top 10 roofing companies
top 100 roofing companies
top rated roofing companies
top roofing companies
water damage roof repair
wind damage roof repair

Now that’s a lot of keywords! Group these into the proper ad groups and you’ll be off to the races in no time.

Or you can learn more about our lead programs where we do all of the research, SEO, and advertising for you (AND you don’t even pay until it works!) 

Remember, don’t burn your budget on the same old boring keywords that everyone else is going after. Be different and make more money!

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