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8 Parts of a Website Homepage

the homepage of a website on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone

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Your roofing website’s homepage is like your virtual storefront. It’s how you can make a great first impression on prospective customers.

According to research, your business only has about 7 seconds to make a first impression on prospects. Your roofing website has even less time to make a good impression. Users form an opinion on your website within .05 seconds of visiting it.

You can use your website’s homepage to share your company mission, showcase your value proposition, and get leads. Here are eight parts of a website homepage you should include to make a great first impression every time.

Parts of a Website Homepage for Your Roofing Website

1. Call-to-Action Buttons (CTA)

Your homepage should have at least one CTA button. CTAs need to stand out on the page and dictate a clear action.

Do you want people to subscribe to your newsletter? Sign up for a free quote? You may want users to check out your 5-star Google Reviews rating. All of these items can be CTAs. Here are some action words you can use to build CTAs:

  • Get Started Now
  • Sign Up Today
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Call Now
  • Connect with (Your Business Name)
  • Get in Touch

2. Target Keyword

You should include roofing SEO in your business’s marketing strategy. Using your website’s homepage to target specific keywords is especially crucial.

If you want to rank for specific keywords, like “[your city] roofing,” include that phrase on your homepage.

3. Navigation Menu

A navigation menu can improve the user experience and help people find what they want. As you build your navigation menu, you must consider which pages you want to highlight first. Take a look at these website navigation menus:

The navigation bar of the Roofer Marketers homepage
The navigation bar on the JobNimbus homepage
The navigation bar of the HubSpot website homepage
  • About Us page
  • Resources
  • Company Contact
  • Information
  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Local Areas You Serve
  • CTA

4. Contact Information

One of your website’s most essential functions is to tell prospects how to contact you. Your website’s homepage should prominently display your company’s phone number, address, and email.

You should include your contact information in multiple areas on your website’s homepage. You can put it in a CTA button, header, footer, or a small pop-up box.

Additionally, you can include an intake contact form that users can fill out on your homepage. Take a look at how these businesses display their contact information on their homepages:

The footer of the Roofer Marketers website homepage
Contact information in the SEMRush website footer of the homepage

5. Social Media Icons

Nowadays, social media is an integral part of marketing. While you are used to promoting your roofing website on your social media accounts, you can do the reverse. Let users know how to reach you on social media.

Encouraging users to follow your social media accounts is a great way to boost your social reach and keep your business top-of-mind for customers.

Social icons on the Roofer Marketers website homepage

6. Headline and Subheading

To grab visitors’ attention immediately, it’s important to tell them upfront what your business is about. Use a headline and subheading to communicate your mission statement and services to prospects.

Your headline should succinctly summarize how your roofing business can help customers. The subheading should be a small blurb that expands on the idea in your headline. Here are some ideas for your homepage headline:

  • Quality Roofing for [your area]
  • Roofing, Gutters, and Siding
  • Residential Roofing for You
  • All Your Roofing Needs Met

7. Images or Videos

People are visual creatures, and they usually don’t want to spend time on clunky, poorly designed, and unattractive websites. In fact, 38% of users won’t engage with websites with unattractive layouts.

Pictures can improve your roofing website’s SEO and help prospects feel confident in your work. Additionally, you should include high-quality images or videos on your homepage to keep users engaged.

8. Logo and Branding

Branding is essential to building your website’s homepage. Your roofing logo and brand colors should be prominently displayed on your homepage.

Remember, your website is telling users a story. If your pages lack branding, that story can appear disjointed or scrambled.

A well-branded website conveys professionalism to prospective customers.

Website Homepage Examples

Take a look at these examples of website homepages. We’ve highlighted the parts of a website homepage you should include on your homepage.

jobnimbus website homepage elements
Roofer Marketers website homepage

Building Your Roofing Website

Building a roofing website takes time, dedication, and research. The first iteration of your homepage may not be flawed. Continue to test new elements and explore different designs until you find a homepage that best reflects your roofing business.

Building the perfect homepage can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s where Roofer Marketers comes in. Our experienced team has been helping roofers design their dream websites for over five years.

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