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Your Comprehensive Guide to a Roofing Website About Us Page

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We’ve all heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. While it’s good advice, most people do exactly that: judge books by their cover. In today’s digital age, it’s increasingly common for your customers’ first impression of your business to take place online.

That’s where an About Us webpage comes in handy. This page lets you introduce yourself, share your mission statement, and highlight your company’s value proposition. Don’t overlook the importance of creating a compelling About Us page.

An About Us page is a strategic marketing tool that can elevate your roofing website and help you convert visitors to satisfied customers.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the purpose of About Us pages, guide you through crafting the ideal one, and discuss the importance of having it on your website. Let’s get started!

About Us Page: What Is It?

An About Us page is an excellent addition to your business website. A typical About page tells visitors your mission, how you’ll serve customers, and a little background about yourself and your company.

Think of an About Us page as an online introduction to your roofing business. People want to know who they’re doing business with. See some examples of About Us pages below, including our own!

About Us Page Examples

Why Your Website Needs a Stellar About Us Page

Roofing is a competitive industry, and you’re likely not the only roofing contractor in your area. Utilizing the right marketing tactics can help set you apart from competitors and show customers why you’re the best contractor for their roofing needs.

Your roofing website serves as a virtual storefront, welcoming potential customers and showcasing your services.

Storytelling resonates with people—use your About page to tell your company’s story. An About Us page can leave a lasting impression on your target audience and create a connection.

A well-crafted and thoughtful About Us page humanizes your business and shows customers there are real people at your roofing company.

How to Write an About Us Page

Authenticity is important. Your website should help you build customer trust, establish credibility, and increase sales.

At its core, an About Us page is about storytelling. A great About Us page tells your customers who you are, what services you offer, and why you’re the right roofer for the job. Follow these tips to help you build your About page.

About Us Page Do’s and Don’ts

Using stock images can erode trust with potential clients. Your customers want to know who they’re working with before deciding to go into business with you.

Rather than photos of stock photo models, use pictures of your business and team. You can take your own pictures to put on your site. Customers want to work with a roofing contractor they can trust. People want to learn more about your journey and why you’re passionate about your work.

Sticking to the facts and avoiding exaggerated claims on your roofing website is also important. The best About Us pages capture the company’s mission, keep it clear and concise, and show how you’ll meet customers’ needs.


  • Use original photos and videos
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA)
  • Use icons or symbols
  • Include a “Meet Our Team” section
  • Share your company’s story


  • Use stock images
  • Make bold or exaggerated claims
  • Use wordy or rambling excerpts

Build Your About Us Page

Creating a stellar website for your roofing business can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts and pages to create. Partnering with roofing marketing experts like Roofer Marketers can make your life easier. Book a call with our team to get started today!

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