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The Roofing Omnipresence Marketing System

We’ve developed a marketing system for roofing contractors that will not only get you more visibility, more brand recognition, more leads, more jobs, and more profits — it will help you become “The Best Known Roofer” in your area.

The 3 Principles of Our Omnipresence Marketing System

Our omnipresence marketing system here at Roofer Marketers consists of 3 key principles that make up the foundation of what we do for roofing companies.

Those consist of the following:

These are the three things you must do to make the system work for you.


Maximize Opportunities

Every place you have to make your brand visible is an opportunity to gain a lead. This is why when it comes to being “omnipresent” you need to max out all of the potential sources that you can get a lead from to have a better chance of getting that customer.

You should always have 5-7 incoming lead sources when doing marketing, both online and offline. SEO, being ranked in Google Maps and Google Organic is 2 lead sources. Google Ads is another, Facebook ads another. And offline referrals can be a lead source, door knocking can be a lead source.  All of these are opportunities that can potentially generate a lead for your business.

You need to be in as many of these as possible to up the likelihood of someone finding your company.  It’s similar to a roulette wheel.

The more numbers that you bet on, the higher chance you have of being a winner. You will not grow if you do not take this approach.


Maximize Brand Impressions

After you are generating interest from maxing out your opportunities to get leads, then it’s time to step up your brand awareness.  Maximizing brand impressions means that you need to make sure your brand is seen on all platforms all of the time, for all potential customers no matter where they are in the journey.

Another word for this would be retargeting or remarketing which we go into deeper about later in this book. Once someone sees your brand for the first time online, you need to have many more touchpoints with that customer before they become fully “aware” of your brand. When a potential customer becomes “aware” of your brand because they’ve seen it enough to be recognizable, you start to become the “best known roofer” in your area. 

You’re no longer a one hit wonder, you’re the go-to roofing company when people think about roofing in your city.

This is the ultimate omnipresence goal. If you can attain this level of thinking from your perfect customers in your local area, your company is poised for massive growth.


Maximize Conversions

When you’ve accomplished the first 2 steps above, you’ll be having leads coming into your business at a higher volume than you’ve ever seen before. Guaranteed. But it doesn’t stop there.

Maximizing conversions means taking those leads and turning them into sales. If people are calling and no one’s answering the phones, well you’re not going to be the best known roofer for very long.  From initial contact with the lead as quickly as possible to having your lead follow up processes built and working well all the way through the signing of their contract. 

This is what it’s like to maximize your conversions to the fullest.

The Short Game Matters, But the Long Game is More Important

I’m going to back track to what we talked about earlier — cost per lead.  This is the short-term way of thinking. I’m not going to discredit it entirely.

Because you can’t just run ads on every platform hoping for the best and lose all of your money without getting any leads in the door.

The idea that I’m trying to get across to you is that these magical cost per lead numbers that marketing companies shout from the rooftops of $17/lead and $28/lead have no weight behind them typically – it’s called cherry picking for the crowd.  We’re all probably guilty of it at one point or another as marketing companies.

The reality is that there are no magic diet pills, marketing is an investment that over time builds and builds and builds until your company DOES become that best known roofer in the area. 

Look, it might cost you a pretty penny in some markets to get a lead with Google Ads (the most expensive lead you can buy), SEO may bring that lead cost down significantly once it’s really working for you, and you may have an ad campaign or two that brings it down even further, but the journey for your company doesn’t end if the lead cost is higher than you’d like. 

We’ll talk about this in a later chapter, but just going out to even do an appointment gives you new opportunities from that lead even if you initially don’t get the cost you want from that one particular platform. 

You can show up in your branded truck, you can talk to the neighbors while you’re out there, and it gives you one more opportunity to not only close that job, but many more in that neighborhood.

How We Practice What We Preach

I think it’s very important that any marketing company practices what they preach. And to be honest, any type of business should do the same. When it comes to the omnipresent roofing marketing system, we do exactly that.

We use the same omni-channel advertising approach for our target customers.  Let’s say you’re looking for a marketing company for your business. As soon as you start your search for a roofing marketing company, we take action.   We do SEO for ourselves, we run Google ads for ourselves, we run Facebook ads, we run YouTube ads and are consistently visible on any platform our target market may be on at that moment in time. 

We’re maximizing our opportunities.

Our branding and messaging is consistent across all the platforms, but also switches based upon what point our target customers are on in their journey to becoming a client of ours.

Did you just discover us?   Well, you’re going to get lots of educational content in the beginning because we want to earn your trust.

This comes in the form of training, webinars, podcast episodes, and more.

After we notice you consume that content, we can safely assume you’re familiar with us, so we’re going to offer you one of two things,  either a free strategy session so you can talk to us about how your company may be a good fit to work with us, or we’ll offer you other small offers such as this book that you’re reading.   You may have even come across this book offer in one of our advertisements or on our website (or we sent it to you or handed it to you at show). Regardless, this is our 2nd principle of our system at work: Maximizing Brand Impressions.

Become the Best Known Roofer Book

Once you reach this point in the journey, many of our advertisements will now consist of video testimonials from past or current clients.

At this point, it’s safe for us to say that we have your interest, but still need to earn your trust — we just need to get over that final hump.

Our omnipresent approach doesn’t just translate to the online world.  You might notice that some of you may get some of our information through the mail.  Again, we’re keeping our branding and message in front of you, our perfect customer.   We also have booths and attend as many of the roofing industry trade shows as possible so that we have that offline physical presence as well.

All of this together encompasses our own omnipresent marketing approach.

It’s the exact same thing that we do for the roofing companies that are our clients, just with a different product.  Obviously, we can only handle the online portion of this omnipresence for our clients.

But, that's why it's so important that you understand this process so you can handle the offline part of the omnipresence marketing system in the physical world. Combining the two together makes for explosive growth in any roofing business.

Becoming the Best Known Roofer

Using our omnipresent marketing system for roofers and our 3 key principles will help you to achieve the ultimate goal:

 Becoming the “Best Known Roofer” in your local area. 

Because if you become the best-known roofer in your local area, the hardest part of owning a company becomes easy.  You don’t have to go fishing for the leads…the new business just comes to you. They come to you ready and willing to buy.  

THIS is the ultimate end goal for your roofing business.