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Why Roofing Reviews Matter (and How to Get More)

Reviews on Google My Business

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Google Reviews are a trustworthy resource for consumers. Google doesn’t allow anonymous reviews, which decreases the odds of fake reviews. Additionally, it’s difficult for businesses to remove reviews without a valid reason.

Since most reviews are likely legitimate, this increases people’s trust. When most people search for a new roofing contractor, they’ll start with the internet.

According to research, about 81% of internet users check Google Reviews before deciding to visit a business. The same study found that users are more likely to use Google over other review websites.

Your prospects will likely use your roofing company’s reviews to form an opinion on your business. First impressions can last a lifetime, so your roofing business must have positive Google Reviews. Let’s dive into three ways you can get even more roofing reviews.

3 Ways to Win More Roofing Reviews

Here are three effective strategies you can use to gain more customer reviews on Google.

1. Ask Satisfied Customers to Review Your Roofing Business

How do you encourage customers to leave reviews? It’s as simple as it sounds: reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them to review your business.

Customers may not leave a review even when they have a great experience with your roofing business. But this doesn’t mean customers are opposed to writing reviews.

Reach out to your best customers and ask if they’d be interested in sharing their positive roof experience on Google. You’ll probably find several customers who are happy to share their positive experiences in a review.

If you get a negative review, one of the best strategies is to drown it out with more positive reviews. Your reviews need to show as many positive experiences as possible.

Your sales process shouldn’t end with closing the deal. Build a phase into your sales cycle to check in with customers after you finish the job. Checking in will help you get more customer reviews.

2. Reward Employees for Good Reviews

Implement a point system that rewards your employees for positive reviews that mention them by name. For example, you can give team members a gift card for every three positive reviews they receive.

You can create any reward system that works for you. The important thing is to get a little friendly competition going internally to help increase reviews.

If you’d rather take a team-based approach, create a company goal to get a certain number of positive reviews in a few months. Once the goal is complete, your entire team earns a special reward.

This strategy has two benefits. First, it encourages your team to build the habit of delivering excellent customer service. Second, this friendly competition ensures your team follows up with customers about writing roofing reviews.

3. Highlight Existing Roofing Reviews

Another strategy to boost your roofing reviews is to post existing ones on your website. Start by creating a Review page on your website. This webpage highlights your customers’ great experiences and helps establish your credibility.

To encourage more customers to leave reviews, include a call to action (CTA) button on this page. The CTA button should take users straight to Google Reviews.

Here are a few options for your CTA copy:

  • Leave a review
  • Tell us how we did
  • Share your experience with [(Your Business Name])

Additionally, you can promote your positive reviews in existing content. Here are a few places to incorporate reviews:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Paid ads
  • Flyers

Tap into the Power of Roofing Reviews

People trust online reviews. About 93% of people check online reviews before purchasing anything. Getting good Google Reviews will help your business build a positive reputation and bring in even more roofing customers.

As you bring in more happy customers, the review cycle continues. With the right strategies, you increase your odds of generating more customer reviews.

If you’re looking for additional help with your roofing marketing strategy, book a call with us today!

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