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4 Reasons to Have Roofing Before and After Pictures on Your Site

A before and after picture of a rustry metal roof versus a new metal roof

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Everyone loves a good transformation story—they’re inspiring. This even applies to new roofs. You can tell powerful transformation stories on your website through roofing before and after pictures. Before and after roofing pictures help people visualize what’s possible for their homes.

Posting roofing before and after photos on your roofing website can help you showcase your skills, improve local SEO, enhance your content, and so much more. Let’s dive into the specifics and review four benefits of posting roofing before and after pictures on your website.

4 Benefits of Posting Roofing Before and After Photos

Instill Confidence with Potential Customers

When prospective customers see a before-and-after picture of a roof, it gives them an idea of what their roof could look like if they hire you. These pictures are especially effective if homeowners see their roof type on your website.

Images help our brains process information almost 60,000 times faster than written words alone. Let your skill speak for itself through pictures of your work.

People are more likely to trust what they see versus what they read. Highlighting your roof craftsmanship through before and after pictures helps people see what your services can do for them, which instills confidence.

Improve SEO for Your Roofing Website 

Pictures with detailed captions help boost your roofing website’s local SEO. When you use descriptive captions for your before and after roof pictures, you’re telling the search engine exactly what you offer and where.

Specifically, you can improve SEO for local results and leverage it against competitors. You should mention the city you completed the job in. Use phrases and keywords like “Roof repair in [city name]” or “[city name] roof replacement.”

That way, your work has a better chance of showing up first when people search for roofers in their area.

Jim, our co-founder, says, “Tell a story with your captions, not just the shingle color or location. Help potential customers see themselves in the message.

For example, you don’t just mention that you put IKO Royal Granite shingles on a house in Austin, Texas.

Instead, talk about a homeowner whose ridge cap came off and how you performed a free inspection to discover the damage. Mention how that customer found peace of mind thanks to the work you did and how several of his neighbors asked who did the work because it looks so good.

Do you see the difference?

If you’re interested in boosting local SEO even more, check out this essential guide to local SEO for roofing companies.  

Enhance Your Content 

Utilizing images in your company’s content makes your life a lot easier. You can repurpose the photos to create content for:

  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Flyers 
  • Ads

Pictures help you show your audience how their life would improve if they used your roofing services. Great pictures elevate your content to the next level with little effort.

Highlight What You Offer

Most people are visual learners and need to see information to understand it. While you may know the difference between gable and dormer roofs, the average person doesn’t know much about roofs—other than that they keep the rain out.

Pictures are an easy way to highlight your service offerings and the different materials and buildings you work with.

3 Tips for Roofing Before and After Pictures 

As you can see, the benefits of posting roofing before and after photos are well worth it—and it’s not hard to get started. Here are three quick tips that’ll have you posting before and after roofing pictures in no time.

Use Close-up and Wide-Shot Photos  

Close-up photos help show off any damage you fix during the job. These wide-shot images showcase how much better the whole home looks with a new or improved roof.

Capture High-Quality Photos 

  • Make sure your pictures aren’t blurry or difficult to see
  • Have a great view of the roof
  • Have good lighting on the roof 

Take Photos at the Same Angle

The before and after effect works best when your work is the only difference in the images. Avoid changing the photos’ angle too much.

Harness the Power of Roofing Before and After Pictures

It’s time to take your roofing website to the next level. Not only will before and after pictures help homeowners feel more confident in your work, but they’ll also improve your content and SEO to create an outstanding online presence.

Investing in your online presence will benefit your roofing business in the short and long term. With an excellent roofing marketing strategy, you can stand out against the competition.

If you want help boosting your local SEO or creating a roofing website that stands out, reach out to Roofer Marketers today!

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